Disabled workers work for free for two months of the year


Despite being aware of the issues as an employment lawyer, it is still shocking to hear that disabled workers effectively work for free for the last two months of the year.  The stats say that disabled workers earn 16% less than their non-disabled colleagues.  

Just last year, The Independent reported that women work for free for more than two months each year due to the gender pay gap:

I've previously written pieces and spoken at forums about positively addressing disability in the workplace and how well intended legal protections often make things more difficult for businesses.  Whilst I am not convinced a further pay gap reporting obligation on businesses is the best way forward, clearly this is an important issue that must be resolved.

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“Everybody deserves a fair chance to get a job with decent pay. Being disabled should not exclude you from choosing to work. And it should not mean you’re put on a lower wage.

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